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    What can I do to Save my Home from Foreclosure?





    Foreclosure can mean different things to different people. For those who have not faced it, foreclosure may be thought of as the process by which a bank/lender can legally terminate the ownership rights of a homeowner if the homeowner fails to make contractually due payments. However, for the homeowner… foreclosure can be much more than just a legal process. For homeowners, faced with it, foreclosure can mean more than losing a home! Foreclosure can mean losing memories… old friends… a sense of identity/community. For some, foreclosure can feel like losing a part of one’s heart and soul! Sadly, with the recent collapse of the housing market, brought on by far too common illegal predatory lending practices of banks/lenders, more and more homeowners have been forced to learn what foreclosure means to them! 

    Unfortunately, too many homeowners faced with the possibility of foreclosure are unaware of their rights and the various options are available to them. Far too often, homeowners wrongly assume nothing can be done to save their home, and simply walk away from their homes. For some homeowners, the story ends there, but many homeowners are still haunted by the effects of tax or other property related liabilities years after walking away from their homes. We don’t want you to make this common mistake!

    New Chapter Law Group is here to let you know that, if you are facing foreclosure, something can be done to help you or help you save your home! If you are reading this, and know what it’s like to find a notice of default (ie. foreclosure notice) nailed to your front door and you don’t know what to do, we want you to know you have options and you may be able to immediately stop a foreclosure sale at any time before it happens! We’ve helped guide a great number of families faced with the uncertainty of foreclosure, and have helped many families save their homes from foreclosure. There is absolutely no cost to come speak with our attorneys to discuss your situation and your goals, and what options best help you reach your goals.

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