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    Bankruptcy Information Center

    For most people, the word “bankruptcy” likely invokes a wide range of thoughts, emotions and opinions. Unfortunately, many commonly held perceptions about what bankruptcy is and who files bankruptcy are simply wrong. We created the bankruptcy section of our website to help correct many of the common misconceptions we have all had about bankruptcy, at one time or another. Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive information and relevant resources, and our hope is that our efforts are not only informative, but also interesting to you!

    • What is Bankruptcy?

      Not exactly sure what bankruptcy is, or whether bankruptcy is even right for you? This section was created to help explain and demistify "Bankruptcy" in a way that hopefully is not only eye opening but also meaningful to you and your situation. 

    • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

      Sometimes referred to as the "simple seven" a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is often seen as one of the lesser complicated bankruptcies one can file, often completed in only 90-120 days. Click above to learn more about the Chapter 7 Bankrutpcy and whether it is right for you.

    • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

    • Who Files Bankruptcy?

      Bankruptcy does NOT mean failure! If you think so, you might be surprised to hear what internationally acclaimed personal finance expert Suzy Orman has to say on the subject (see the video below)... also, click above to read a few inspirational stories of some very public people and their not-so public struggles with Debt and Bankruptcy.

    • Bankruptcy Resources

      Still need.... even more Bankruptcy Information?... Directions to the Local Bankruptcy Court or your Trustee Meeting? ... Local Court Forms? ... a list of Credit Counseling Providers? ... Post Bankruptcy Vehicle Financing? This section can help you with all of these, and more!